• Urban Dictionary mingingitis

    one who is so highly unattractive that their ability to repel members of the opposite sex is best described as the 'miningitis disorder'

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  • Astroid Boys - Minging - YouTube

    Apr 22 2013 Check out Astroid Boys' new video for 'Minging' the title track to the Welsh mob's new mini album out July 08 See the band play Soundcity

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  • Learning English - Keep your English up to date - Minging - BBC

    Sep 22 2010 Keep your English up to Date John Ayto explains the origin meaning and use of the word 'minging' 21 September 2010

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  • Mingin - Wikipedia

    Mingin is a town on the southern side right bank of the Chindwin River in Kale District Sagaing Division Myanmar It is the administrative center for Mingin

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  • Urban Dictionary minging

    certainly common in eastern Scotland where the final g isn't pronounced minginn and probably n e England since at least the 1950's Something unsavoury

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